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        個人注冊 企業注冊
        • 工作性質:全職
        • 學歷要求:大專及以上
        • 工作經驗:五年以上
        • 專業要求:不限
        • 外語要求:英語良好
        • 工資待遇: 8000~10000 元/月
        • 職稱要求:不限
        • 招聘人數:1人
        • 招聘日期:2020-01-21 ~ 2021-02-19


        Supervises all designated Workshop production lines operations according to AXCHEM Workshop SOPs, best work practices and in a manner that complies with all applicable safety, quality and environmental standards.


        Follows up and controls all external suppliers’ interventions in designated Workshop in accordance with AXCHEM workshop SOPs, best work practices, safety, quality and environmental standards.


        Supervises all subordinates during the shift period in accordance with best management practices.


        Provides all technical and professional support and help to all teams supervised when necessary.



        Bachelor degree, senior college, technical secondary school of chemical fields.






        3 years work experience as a technician in the under mentioned fields:

        -Petro-chemical industry

        -Continous process


        -Chemical industry



        • 公司已設置保密,請通過系統應聘職位。
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        AXCHEM是全球國際性的化學品專業生產廠家,為造紙工業和水處理工業提供眾多范圍寬廣的功能性和過程性化學品。 AXCHEM is a global international specialist manufacturer for pulp & paper and Water treatment Providing a broad range of processing and functional chemicals. AXCHEM在北美、加拿大、拉丁美洲和歐州取得顯著成功后,自2012年起,在中國開辟了新的業務。 Thanks to success sales story in North America, Canada, Latin America and Europe through its partners and members, AXCHEM is expanding with a new affiliate in China in 2012. Further entities around the world will follow. 作為一家國際型企業,AXCHEM致力于成為造紙工業的優質合作伙伴,同時給造紙工業不間斷地帶來技術領先成本優化的新技術和新產品,立足于: As a private international company, AXCHEM group states to become the preferred quality service partner for the pulp & paper industry to bring new technologies and product on a cost efficient way. And it was established in: ? 關注客戶未來   Focusing on our customers’ future ? 以技術為導向   Be technology and innovation oriented ? 環保取向   Be Environmental driven ? 專注伙伴關系   Providing Partnership consideration ? 相互信任和技術支持能力   Ensuring Trust and technical competences AXCHEM的業務活動基礎是其獨一無二的專業技術知識。因此,在高素質、高專業化研究的政策指導下,室內培訓被賦予極大重視。鼓勵各種類型的員工按培訓教程接受培訓,其中主要培訓內容之一是外語訓練,這對AXCHEM的國際業務發展十分重要。 The foundation of business activity is her unique specialty technology knowledge. So, under the instruction of high making and specialization research, she is thinking much of internal training. Encourage all kinds of employees to receive training under the tutorial, and most training is foreign language training, which is important for developing international operation. 公司本著追求卓越的經營理念,致力于塑造和諧的工作氛圍,注重人才的培養和發展。AXCHEM信守“以人為本”的原則,尊重每一位員工。我們相信:人是公司實力的源泉,同時公司將提供具有競爭力的待遇和海外培訓的機會! Aim to pursue prominent management, and apply to figure harmonious labor atmosphere, and also regard people’s culture and development. AXCHEM is abiding by the principle of people oriented, and respecting each employee. We believe: People is the headspring of company strength, and the company provide competition deal and oversea training!

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